Hang out on my Instagram (or, really…everywhere I am) for any length of time and you’ll see that I’m madly in love with my little dog, Rocky. My sons joke that in the case of a fire, I’d save him instead of them–to which I reply they are nearly seventeen years old and can save themselves, while Rocky is a helpless little buddy with itty bitty legs. He needs me.

But the truth is, I need him.

He hasn’t been officially trained to be a service dog, but he provides me service every single day. He knows when my ME/CFS/FM is flaring, when my pain is high or my energy low. He lies with his warm, soft body pressed against mine and just breathes. His steady, deep breathing eases my own, calms my mind, and helps me to get the kind of restorative rest I need.

I love him with all my heart. Okay, there’s some room in there for my sons, and hubby, too. Room for everyone! Somehow, Rocky helps with that, too. He’s a miracle is what he is.

I love this infographic on all the benefits of owning a dog. Because, find the right furry friend and you’ll not only be happier, but healthier, too. I am a believer! Are you? Tell me about your doggies–bonus for pictures! And if you haven’t found your “one” yet, check out PuppySpot.com.

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