There’s lots of talk about “super moms”. Women tell each other, “Wow, you’re a real super mom” when they hear someone else speakĀ of all they do for their children. It’s not a put-down…necessarily. But it’s not always a compliment, either. Or rather, it’s one of those two-faced compliments.

One face is saying, “you’re doing a great job!” while the other face is saying, “I don’t do all that stuff for my kids and I get angry–I bet she never gets angry–and I screw up all the time and look how nice she looks when I’m just wearing yoga pants and haven’t put on any makeup. Man. I suck! I’m the worst mom ever!”

Few women would ever dare say, “I’m a super mom!” Who would have the guts? Who would even think that? Especially right after Mother’s Day when every mom everywhere is recovering from a day of guilt and shame and doubt.

Yet, I have the nerve to declare in my bio that I, Ali Cross, am a Super Mom.

Because I get tons done in a day? Because I am raising perfect children who are always showered, teeth brushed, dressed impeccably? Because my children get straight A’s, are never late for school, never miss school, are never sick in a day? Because I cook healthy dinners, pack delicious lunches and feed my children healthy breakfasts every day?


I am a Super Mom because I care. Because I am doing all I can, every day, to love and serve and help. Because I worry. Because I am grateful for the two beings I am entrusted with.

I am not perfect. Oh, there are so many, many ways in which I am not perfect. But …

I AM a Super Mom … and so, my friend, are you.

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